Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Kenya Appoints Ifeanyi Odoh as the new Country President

Schneider Electric Kenya has announced the appointment of Ifeanyi Odoh as its new Country President. He will be replacing Carol Koech, the outgoing Country President. Ifeanyi Odoh’s journey to Schneider Electric Kenya is marked by a diverse and illustrious career. He previously served as the Strategy and Transformation Leader for South East Asia, overseeing operations…

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Kenya Power

Kenya Power’s Bold Move to Accept Foreign Currency Payments

Kenya Power customers will soon have the convenience of paying their bills in foreign currency, such as dollars, euros, and pounds. This progressive step offers significant advantages to customers, especially those with foreign income or engaged in frequent international transactions.  The introduction of foreign currency payment options provides flexibility and accessibility for individuals earning income…

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Ignite Power’s Expansion in Kenya

Ignite Power’s recent expansion in Kenya through the acquisition of Mwezi Solar Solutions aims to provide electricity to over 2.5 million Kenyans for the first time.  This move aligns with global efforts for rural electrification and strengthens Ignite Power’s position as a leader in the clean energy sector. Leveraging decreasing solar costs, the company intends…

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Exxon’s Threat to Withdraw Climate Investment from the EU

ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, has recently threatened to withdraw billions of dollars in climate investment from the European Union (EU).  This move has raised concerns about the potential consequences for ongoing and future climate investment projects. It also raises broader implications for the EU’s energy security and economic stability….

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TotalEnergies’ N$5.7 Billion Commitment to Namibia’s Oil Sector

TotalEnergies has made a substantial investment of N$5.7 billion in Namibia’s oil sector, focusing on exploring, developing, and acquiring oil assets.  This significant commitment reflects the company’s confidence in Namibia’s energy resources. The investment aims to support exploration and appraisal activities in Namibia’s oil sector, with the aim of discovering the country’s untapped energy resources….

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The AfDB’s Warning On Rising Energy and Commodity Prices and the Risk of Social Unrest

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has cautioned about the risk of social unrest in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, and Kenya due to increasing fuel and commodity prices.  The warning emphasizes the potential impact on these countries, including currency devaluation and economic hardship, and highlights the role of governments and potential solutions.  The AfDB’s message stresses the…

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clean energy

IMF Rules Impacting Clean Energy Investments in Africa

TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanné has raised concerns about how IMF debt regulations are impeding the progress of green energy projects in Africa. Integrating climate strategies into fiscal planning amid rising post-pandemic debt is challenging, with the IMF helping countries in this effort through capacity development in green finance.  Patrick Pouyanné, highlighted that the lack of…

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