Why is Kenya Rejecting Uganda’s Push for Lower Fuel Import Fees?

East Africa recently witnessed a dispute over fuel import fees, igniting a rift between Kenya and Uganda. The heart of the matter revolved around Uganda’s desire to bypass Kenyan middlemen and directly import fuel, aiming to alleviate their burden of holding the region’s highest fuel prices.  Uganda, firmly believing Kenyan middlemen were artificially inflating prices, sought…

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Steering TotalEnergies’ African Ventures and Sustainable Growth

Mike Sangster, Senior Vice President Africa at TotalEnergies, is a seasoned professional with a rich background in the energy industry. His pivotal role at TotalEnergies has been instrumental in driving the company’s operations and investments across the African continent. Sangster has held numerous positions within TotalEnergies, including Managing Director, Senior Vice President Investor Relations, and…

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Tullow Oil’s Sh577m Payment Secures Turkana Project Control in Kenya

Tullow Oil’s recent acquisition of full control over the Turkana oil project for Sh577 million (around $4.5 million) marks a pivotal moment in Kenya’s oil industry.  The high-stakes move consolidates Tullow’s position as the dominant player in the South Lokichar basin, a region with immense oil potential.  The acquisition has significant implications for Kenya’s economic…

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Epra directs the closure of fuel stations affected by flooding.

Heavy rains and flooding in Kenya have not only disrupted daily life but also posed significant challenges to the country’s energy infrastructure. Fuel stations, crucial for keeping vehicles on the road, have been particularly affected, raising concerns about fuel quality and vehicle safety.  In response to this crisis, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA)…

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Saudi Aramco’s Makes a U-Turn on oil output capacity expansion: Here is Why

Saudi Aramco’s abrupt decision to halt its oil output expansion plans has significant implications for the global oil market. This move reflects concerns about demand growth and competition from sources like shale oil.  As a result, the Saudi energy ministry instructed the company to maintain a maximum production capacity of 12 million barrels per day,…

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Understanding The Impending Fuel Price Hike in South Africa and Its Impact on the Economy

The impending fuel price hike in South Africa is expected to have widespread economic implications, affecting both the cost of living and overall economic growth. It is anticipated to increase transportation costs, leading to higher prices for goods and services. This may strain consumers’ budgets, reduce purchasing power, and contribute to inflation, exacerbating living costs…

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