Kenya’s Energy Revolution through Cryptocurrency Mining

Kenya is delving into unfamiliar waters, considering the utilization of cryptocurrency mining to finance its energy sector.  President William Ruto has shown interest in this unconventional method, prompting debates regarding its possible advantages and disadvantages. Kenya’s energy story is one of progress but also challenges. The nation has expanded its national grid and improved electricity…

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Has South Africa Finally Bid Farewell to Loadshedding?

South Africa, rich in resources and economic potential, has faced challenges in its energy sector, particularly with load shedding. This term refers to the intentional reduction of electricity supply to prevent grid overload, a longstanding issue in the nation. Is there loadshedding in South Africa today? Recent progress indicates that South Africa may have overcome…

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How Will Ethiopia’s Power Deficit Shape Kenya’s Energy Future?

Ethiopia doesn’t have much electricity, which has directly affected Kenya. Ethiopia not having enough power affects Kenya in many ways. The importation of electricity from Ethiopia presents both opportunities and challenges for Kenya. On the one hand, it can help Kenya meet its energy demand and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. This also requires significant…

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Electric Vehicles Sparking Economic Growth and Environmental Benefits in Kenya

Electric vehicles are now very popular in Kenya. This has given Kenya a chance to cut emissions and create a greener transportation system that will benefit both the economy and the environment. Using electric vehicles in Kenya has challenges, especially for the power grid. The integration of EVs into Kenya’s transportation landscape has the potential…

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gas cylinders

How will Gas Cylinder Tracking Systems Change the Industry?

Safety and regulation are paramount in the gas industry to prevent accidents, ensure consumer protection, and maintain industry standards.  In Kenya, recent initiatives to track gas cylinders aim to bolster safety measures and accountability within the sector. The introduction of tracking systems for gas cylinders holds the potential to revolutionize safety practices and enhance regulatory…

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kplc paybill

How Kenya Power’s Tenders Change Purchases

In the period between July last year and February, businesses owned by youth, women, and people with disabilities saw a significant increase in the value of deals with Kenya Power, surpassing Sh600 million. Kenya Power’s affirmative action tenders have surged to Sh600 million, reflecting a substantial commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the company’s…

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Egypt’s Decision to Withdraw from Hosting Africa Energy Bank Makes Headlines

Egypt’s decision to withdraw its bid to host the Africa Energy Bank has had significant repercussions in the African energy landscape. This move has sparked a reevaluation of regional energy governance, investment patterns, and policy directions.  The withdrawal, influenced by various factors, has significant implications for Egypt’s energy plans, the regional energy market, other bidders,…

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Sosian Energy

Is Moi Family’s Sosian Energy Set to Revolutionize Wind Power Generation?

Sosian Energy, a Nairobi-based company, is making strides in Kenya’s renewable energy sector. Recently, the company received approval to construct a 50-Megawatt wind farm in Marsabit. Sosian Energy is a big player in Kenya’s energy sector, especially in renewable energy like geothermal power.  The company, connected to the family of the late President Daniel arap…

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