Empowering Futures: Schneider Electric’s Impactful Donation to Don Bosco Kakuma

Bosco Kakuma

Schneider Electric is a leader in digital energy management, providing integrated solutions for businesses to optimize energy use and access systems remotely.

One key solution is their energy management systems (EMS), which enhance monitoring and control, potentially reducing operational costs and carbon footprint.

Schneider Electric’s donation to Don Bosco Kakuma supports renovating electricity labs and enhancing skills through collaboration with the Don Bosco Foundation. 

Schneider Electric’s collaboration aims to transform the next generation of electricians through lab renovations, updated training, and equipment provision. 

Additionally, Schneider Electric supplied the Altivar Plus Drive which exemplifies their range of solutions for low-voltage electrical distribution and industrial control.

The company also provided electrical fault locating kits, such as the Vigilohm mobile kit, to improve skills in diagnosing and repairing faults in low voltage IT systems (50-400 Hz).

Schneider Electric supplied safety equipment, like the PowerPact H earth leakage module, ensuring a secure learning environment with protection against short circuits and earth leakage.

However,  Schneider Electric’s donation of electrical training equipment provides hands-on experience, aligning students with current industry standards. 

For instance, using low voltage switchboards in training reflects real-world applications, preparing students for professional challenges with industry-standard equipment.

Training systems cover essential technical skills, and the use of simulations allows practical operations and response to unexpected events without impacting real installations. 

Electrical installation programs, enhances skills and promotes self-reliance, leading to improved livelihoods and financial independence.

This training ensures job security, lucrative salaries, and career growth by providing essential knowledge for working with electrical systems. 

Additionally, competency-based training impacts maintenance, ensuring safe practices and addressing concerns about aging wiring.

Schneider Electric’s dedication to technical education is integral to its mission and philosophy, extending beyond corporate social responsibility. 

The company prioritizes sustainability through vocational and entrepreneurship training, considering it essential for socio-economic and sustainable development across generations.

By sharing expertise and providing training, Schneider Electric aims to empower future generations to confront upcoming challenges effectively.


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The company’s digital transformation initiatives align with its mission, addressing industry skills challenges and bridging the gap through platforms like the Schneider Electric University. 

This initiative offers accessible, vendor-agnostic education in multiple languages, tackling the skills gap in the data center sector on a global scale.

Schneider Electric’s philosophy emphasizes knowledge as a catalyst for sustainable development, evident in its Foundation for sustainable development.

The Foundation aims to deploy sustainability impact, social and governance leadership, enhance quality of life, and foster an inclusive work environment. 

Through the Foundation, Schneider Electric supports local partners’ initiatives in training and entrepreneurship, contributing to the education system and providing professional training for disadvantaged youth.

Don Bosco Kakuma in the Kakuma Refugee Camp  provides meaningful education and vocational training to over 2000 students. 

This initiative aligns with the UNHCR’s focus on self-reliance, aiming to enable refugees to live with dignity and create a future for themselves and their families.

The focus on vocational training and technical skills at the institution empowers individuals for personal growth, demonstrating a commitment to fostering dignity and purpose in the face of adversity.

Supporting technical education and vocational training at Don Bosco Kakuma, Schneider Electric aims to empower individuals with skills and knowledge for a better future in the refugee camp. 

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