Hydrogen plants to receive tax breaks and SEZ status to boost green energy

Kenya is making a significant leap towards a clean energy future with a new initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption of green hydrogen.

This innovative approach offers tax breaks and designations as Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for green hydrogen manufacturing plants. 

The move underscores the critical role green hydrogen plays in the global transition away from fossil fuels.

Green hydrogen, produced by splitting water molecules using renewable electricity like solar and wind, boasts a key advantage – zero carbon emissions at the point of use. 

This clean-burning fuel stands in stark contrast to “grey” hydrogen, derived from fossil fuels and a major contributor to greenhouse gases.

Green hydrogen’s versatility makes it a game changer for decarbonizing sectors where electrification remains a challenge.

 From powering long-haul trucks to replacing fossil fuels in industrial processes, green hydrogen offers a sustainable alternative.

 Additionally, its ability to be stored and converted back to electricity positions it as a reliable backup for intermittent renewable energy sources.

To unlock the potential for green hydrogen, Kenya’s Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) has introduced a compelling incentive package. 

Green hydrogen plants can now enjoy significant tax breaks, including a 10-year tax holiday and exemptions from various import duties and taxes. 

Additionally, these plants are eligible for SEZ status, offering benefits like streamlined regulations, duty-free imports, and simplified tax procedures. 

This creates a highly attractive investment environment, aiming to attract substantial capital and accelerate the development of the green hydrogen sector.

The push for green hydrogen promises a multitude of benefits for Kenya. Firstly, it acts as a catalyst for economic growth. 

The burgeoning green hydrogen industry holds the potential to attract significant investments, create new job opportunities, and foster innovation across various fields.

This fosters economic diversification, reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and creating a future-proof economy.


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Secondly, green hydrogen is a game-changer for the environment. By replacing fossil fuels, it contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

This aligns perfectly with Kenya’s national and global efforts to combat climate change and create a more sustainable future for all.

Kenya’s initiative is not happening in isolation. There’s a global momentum building around green hydrogen. 

Major economies and energy companies are heavily invested in research, development, and infrastructure for green hydrogen production and utilization. 

This collaborative effort positions hydrogen as a potential cornerstone of the future energy landscape.

Technological advancements in electrolyzer technology, the backbone of green hydrogen production, promise greater efficiency and affordability.

Additionally, collaborations between governments, academia, and private companies can accelerate innovation and drive down costs, making green hydrogen a truly viable and sustainable alternative.

Kenya’s recent policy initiative demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting green hydrogen. 

By providing tax breaks and SEZ status, the government is sending a clear message: green hydrogen is a top priority. 

With its first green hydrogen plant already commissioned and plans to replace fossil fuel-based fertilizers and methanol with locally produced green alternatives, Kenya is positioning itself as a leader in the global clean energy transition. 

As technology advances and global collaboration intensifies, green hydrogen is poised to play a vital role in shaping a low-carbon future powered by clean energy, and Kenya is well on its way to becoming a major player in this exciting new era.

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