Ignite Power’s Expansion in Kenya


Ignite Power’s recent expansion in Kenya through the acquisition of Mwezi Solar Solutions aims to provide electricity to over 2.5 million Kenyans for the first time. 

This move aligns with global efforts for rural electrification and strengthens Ignite Power’s position as a leader in the clean energy sector.

Leveraging decreasing solar costs, the company intends to illuminate rural Kenya, fostering economic growth and improving residents’ quality of life.

Ignite Power’s efforts aim to spark hope and enable a sustainable future, setting an example for clean, affordable energy’s potential for driving social, economic, and environmental progress.

Ignite Power’s acquisition of Mwezi Solar Solutions’ portfolio in Kenya strategically expands their presence and leadership in the solar energy sector. 

This move includes gaining access to 250,000 additional customers, incorporating proven technologies and operational procedures, strengthening their market position, and rebranding as “Ignite Power Kenya” to emphasize their commitment to local communities and national goals. 

Combined with their earlier acquisition of Pawame Kenya, this demonstrates a deliberate strategy to consolidate their position in the Kenyan market.

Ignite Power’s expansion in rural Kenya aims to provide electricity access to millions for the first time, supported by initiatives like Kenya Off-Grid Solar Access Project (KOSAP) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) SDG 7.

The company’s acquisition of Mwezi’s solar solutions portfolio enhances its position in the Kenyan market and Africa as a whole. 

This expansion aligns with broader efforts to transform Africa’s energy sector and achieve universal access to modern energy services, as outlined in the IEA’s Africa Energy Outlook 2022.

By leveraging decreasing solar costs and local knowledge, Ignite Power aims to make electricity accessible to millions, contributing to a brighter, sustainable future for Kenya.

Ignite Power’s sustainable energy solutions, influenced by SIMA Funds, have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 300,000 tons in nine years. 

Their efforts have also saved 600,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, showcasing the environmental benefits of transitioning to cleaner energy sources. 

By providing solar-powered solutions and extending electricity access to communities, Ignite Power has contributed to a greener, more sustainable future, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.


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Ignite Power’s expansion, guided by SIMA Funds, is expected to create numerous job opportunities and drive economic growth in the regions it serves.

Initiatives like the Ignite Initiative Regional Workforce Training System (IIRWTS) aim to provide workforce training, connect trainees to job opportunities, and support quality job creation.

In Kenya, the “Ignite Power Kenya” initiative aims to improve the lives of over 2.5 million people by providing electricity for the first time and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Similarly, in Rwanda, Ignite Power’s “Extreme Affordability Plan” has created jobs and economic opportunities by providing solar solutions to low-income households and businesses. 

These efforts demonstrate Ignite Power’s broader economic impact on local economies and communities through sustainable energy solutions.

Ignite Power’s solar solutions have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and environmental harm by providing clean, renewable energy access to communities.

This shift to solar power has also reduced reliance on traditional fossil fuels. 

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