Kenya Power’s Bold Move to Accept Foreign Currency Payments

Kenya Power

Kenya Power customers will soon have the convenience of paying their bills in foreign currency, such as dollars, euros, and pounds.

This progressive step offers significant advantages to customers, especially those with foreign income or engaged in frequent international transactions. 

The introduction of foreign currency payment options provides flexibility and accessibility for individuals earning income in foreign currencies or conducting business abroad. 

Moreover, this move enhances customer satisfaction by catering to diverse needs and modern preferences, ultimately streamlining the bill payment process and contributing to a more seamless and efficient customer experience.

Kenya Power’s decision to offer foreign currency payment options has the potential to significantly improve financial management and reduce transaction costs for customers.

By allowing direct payment in foreign currency, the need for currency conversion is eliminated, streamlining the payment process and reducing associated transaction costs. 

For businesses and individuals with foreign currency reserves, this decision enables more efficient use of funds and better management of financial resources.

Minimizing transaction costs and simplifying financial transactions can lead to enhanced financial management and savings for its customers.

However, the introduction of foreign currency payment options could potentially impact exchange rates and currency stability in the local market.

Increased demand for foreign currency resulting from Kenya Power’s decision may exert notable influence on exchange rate fluctuations and market dynamics. 

Firstly, heightened demand for foreign currency may lead to appreciation of the local currency against the foreign currencies in question.

Conversely, if demand outstrips supply, it could put downward pressure on the local currency’s value, resulting in depreciation. Such fluctuations could impact import costs, inflation, and overall economic competitiveness. 

Additionally, this shift may influence investor perceptions of currency stability in the local market, potentially impacting exchange rates and market dynamics.

Accepting foreign currency payments represents revenue diversification for Kenya Power, reducing its exposure to currency risk and economic instability in the local market.

By tapping into revenue from customers who earn income in foreign currencies or conduct international transactions, Kenya Power can potentially increase revenue generation and strengthen its financial resilience. 

Moreover, revenue diversification aligns with Kenya Power’s strategic objectives of expanding its customer base and enhancing competitiveness in the energy market. 


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By mitigating currency risk and enhancing financial stability, Kenya Power’s bold move to accept foreign currency payments demonstrates adaptability and responsiveness to market conditions, positioning the company as a forward-thinking and customer-centric organization in the energy sector.

In line with this innovative approach, kenya power’s self-service options, including the kenya power paybill system, will also accommodate foreign currency payments seamlessly.

Customers can use the kenya power paybill number 888880 for prepaid and 888888 for postpaid services, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience. 

Additionally, in the event of a kenya power outage, customers can report it promptly by dialing 97771, accessing kenya power blackout reporting service.

For any service-related enquiries, customers can reach out to kenya power contact centre at hotline numbers 97771 or 0703070707 or 0732170170. 

With these comprehensive services and payment options, Kenya Power aims to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline its operations in line with modern financial trends.

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