Malawi Embarks on Solar Power Expansion with 10MW Salima Project

Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Limited (EGENCO) has commenced the construction of a 10Megawatt Solar Power Project in Salima, marking a significant step towards diversifying the country’s energy portfolio and enhancing power generation capacity.

The project, anticipated to be completed within 18 months, represents the first phase of a scalable 20MW solar power plant that will be implemented in two phases of 10MW each. This expansion aligns with Malawi’s ambitious vision of generating over 1000MW of power by 2025.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony held at the Nanjoka site in Salima, Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Matola, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to diversifying energy sources and improving power generation.

“We are actively exploring alternative energy sources such as geothermal, wind, and hydropower across the country to ensure sufficient power generation,” he stated.

Matola expressed confidence in achieving the nation’s goal of generating over 1000MW by 2025, highlighting the pipeline of power generation projects currently underway.

EGENCO’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Dr. Maxton Chitawo, emphasized the importance of diversifying to solar power, given the company’s heavy reliance on hydropower.

“The hydropower generated from rivers in the southern region is susceptible to cyclones,” he explained. “We are committed to utilizing other reliable and mature technologies like solar, along with exploring other available energy sources in Malawi.”

Chitawo elaborated on the project’s advanced features, including a 2.5MWh battery storage system, which will enhance power system stability during periods of intermittent sunlight or unexpected demand fluctuations. The generated power will be evacuated through ESCOM’s Nanjoka Substation in Salima.

Upon completion, the Salima Solar Power Plant will serve as an alternative source of electricity, supplementing existing energy sources. This aligns with EGENCO’s 2023-2038 Strategic Plan, which focuses on increasing power generation capacity and diversifying energy sources to mitigate the impact of climate change.

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