Steering TotalEnergies’ African Ventures and Sustainable Growth

Mike Sangster, Senior Vice President Africa at TotalEnergies, is a seasoned professional with a rich background in the energy industry. His pivotal role at TotalEnergies has been instrumental in driving the company’s operations and investments across the African continent.

Sangster has held numerous positions within TotalEnergies, including Managing Director, Senior Vice President Investor Relations, and President & General Manager. 

Before his current role, he served as the Managing Director of Total E&P Australia since 2010 and has been with the company since 1995 in various roles in Exploration & Production.

As Senior Vice President of Africa, Sangster oversees TotalEnergies’ operations and investments in Africa. He is involved in significant projects, such as the Tilenga oil project in Uganda, which encompasses the development of six oil fields and approximately 400 wells. 

The project has created over 8,000 jobs for Ugandans and is poised to significantly boost Uganda’s economy. Under Sangster’s leadership, TotalEnergies has driven investment and sustainable development initiatives across Africa, impacting the energy industry and local communities.

The Tilenga project not only created employment but also contributed to Uganda’s economic growth.  Sangster aligns with TotalEnergies’ goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, fostering sustainable energy solutions in Africa.


      1. Keynote Address at Invest in African Energy (IAE) 2024:

   – Sangster delivered a keynote at the IAE 2024 forum in Paris, emphasizing TotalEnergies’ commitment to Africa’s energy development and a multi-energy approach aimed at enhancing energy security and distribution.

     2. Investments in Nigeria and Angola:

   – Under Sangster’s leadership, TotalEnergies began production at the Akpo West field in Nigeria, expected to produce 140 million cubic feet of gas per day by 2028. In Angola, the company is developing the Quiluma and Maboqueiro gas fields, the country’s first non-associated natural gas projects, to supply the Angola LNG plant with up to four billion cubic feet per year by 2026.

     3. Expansion in Emerging Oil and Gas Markets:

   – Sangster has been pivotal in TotalEnergies’ expansion into Africa’s emerging oil and gas markets, including LNG, green hydrogen, and upstream exploration. The company is restarting its $20-billion Mozambique LNG project, taking FID on a new LNG import terminal in Mozambique, and exploring new opportunities in Namibia and South Africa.

     4.Green Hydrogen Projects:

   “TotalEnergies,” under Sangster’s guidance, is developing green hydrogen projects in Mauritania and Morocco. These projects aim to export hydrogen to Europe, leveraging wind and solar power.

      5. Participation in Industry Forums:

   – Sangster actively participates in forums like the Africa CEO Forum and the Frontier Energy Network, engaging with stakeholders to drive discussions on Africa’s energy landscape.

Mike Sangster’s strategic leadership and commitment to sustainable energy have significantly contributed to TotalEnergies’ success in Africa. 

His involvement in key projects like the Tilenga oil project has created jobs and spurred economic growth, highlighting his impact on the energy industry and local communities.


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