Orange and Koolboks Partner to Provide Solar Freezers in Africa

Orange, a leading telecommunications operator in Africa, has signed a strategic partnership with Koolboks, a startup that provides solar-powered refrigerators and freezers, to provide freezing and refrigeration solutions to 12 African countries.

This partnership is a significant step in addressing the energy crisis in Africa, where 600 million people do not have access to electricity. Koolboks’ solar freezers are powered by solar panels and batteries, making them ideal for off-grid areas. They also come with LED bulbs and USB ports, providing families with lighting and the ability to charge their electronic devices.

Nat-Sy Missamou, Senior Vice President Africa and Middle East at Orange Energies, said, “Since 2018, Orange Energies has been a partner for all energy producers. Alongside solar power producers, national electricity operators and minigrid managers, we are deploying our pay-as-you-go platform, Orange Smart Energies, to make clean and affordable energy accessible to as many people as possible. This partnership marks our entry into a new phase in which our ambition, after giving access to essential services, is to allow families to take control of the development of their communities. This partnership marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.”

Ayoola Dominic, founder, and CEO of Koolboks, said, “Koolboks is proud to partner with Orange to distribute our solar freezers. This product was designed to meet a need, and allow small traders, families to store food and have light in off-grid areas. With this partnership, we will be able to offer this luxury in many countries and regions simultaneously.”

Orange will market the solar freezers through its Orange Energies division, which provides solar energy solutions on a pay-as-you-go basis. This will make the freezers affordable for even the poorest families.

The partnership is also expected to boost economic development in rural areas. By enabling families to store food and start small businesses, the solar freezers will help to create jobs and generate income.

This partnership is a win-win for both Orange and Koolboks. Orange is able to expand its product offerings and reach new customers, while Koolboks is able to scale its business and reach more people in need.

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