Powering Change: Decoding Kenya’s Electricity Sector Reform – KPLC’s Asset Transfer to KETRACO

Powering Change: Decoding Kenya's Electricity Sector Reform - KPLC's Asset Transfer to KETRACO

The Kenyan government has been actively enacting changes in the power sector, influenced by multiple phases of reform.

 These changes involve separating policy from regulation, unbundling generation from transmission and distribution, and altering ownership and governance dynamics among sector entities. 

As part of extensive reforms in the power sector, Kenya has decided to transfer all transmission assets from Kenya Power to the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO). 

This move, aimed at alleviating financial challenges faced by Kenya Power, involves assets valued at over $460 million and is expected to be completed by December 2024. 

The objective of this decision is to tackle supply shortages, upgrade the transmission network, and establish KETRACO as a more influential entity in the electricity sector.

The transfer is also anticipated to strengthen KETRACO’s role, aligning with the broader aim of improving the country’s energy security and ensuring a dependable and affordable energy supply.

The transfer aims to restructure Kenya Power’s balance sheet by offsetting a significant portion of its debt, notably dollar-denominated loans valued at over $460 million.

The primary objective is to alleviate the financial strain on Kenya Power, which has been exacerbated by fluctuations in exchange rates. 

The Kenya power substations undergo a significant transformation with the asset transfer to KETRACO.

The transfer is a financial strategy to offset Kenya Power’s loans, particularly a dollar-denominated on-lent loan of about Ksh 83 billion.

The assets to be transferred will match the debt owed, aiming to reduce Kenya Power’s overall debt burden to Sh83.84 billion and enhance financial performance. 

This critical step is expected to mitigate the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on Kenya Power’s balance sheet and reduce its assets from Sh275 billion to around Sh255 billion.

The transfer of Kenya Power’s transmission assets to KETRACO is expected to impact day-to-day operations for both entities.


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Kenya Power will continue operating and maintaining the transmission lines for at least 10 years after the transfer, ensuring a smooth transition to prevent disruptions to existing agreements and services.

Anticipated challenges in the transfer include coordination issues during the operational transition and potential strain on KETRACO’s technical capacity.

Furthermore, the financial challenges for both entities, stemming from a remaining difference of less than Ksh 1 billion after debt offset, may impact the seamless execution of the transfer.

The potential benefits of the transfer include significant debt reduction for Kenya Power, contributing to financial stability.

Additionally, the enhanced influence of KETRACO in the electricity sector, impacting financial companies in kenya, is expected to improve the sector’s operational and financial stability.

The 10-year operational handover period aims to ensure a smooth transition, allowing for uninterrupted service provision and continuation of existing agreements.

Stakeholders in the electricity sector encompass diverse groups: customers, prioritizing reliable and competitive services; regulators, shaping policies and standards; the government, formulating and implementing regulations; and investors, influencing development with financial resources. 

Industry players engaged in generation, transmission, distribution, and off-grid activities pursue interests such as market share and regulatory compliance. 

Local residents and business owners are directly affected by activities like infrastructure development and energy supply, driven by economic and social considerations.

The transfer of Kenya Power’s transmission assets to KETRACO, impacting electricity companies in Kenya, is a key element of ongoing reforms in the Kenyan electricity sector.

These reforms target improved operational efficiency, increased cost recovery, and enhanced private sector investment. 

The transfer of Kenya Power’s transmission assets to KETRACO aligns with the Kenyan government’s vision  to attract private investment, and the development of renewable energy sources for enhanced security.

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