Schneider Electric enhances EcoXpert Program with New Data Center Certifications

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has unveiled new certifications in its EcoXpert Partner Program, focusing on data centers and critical infrastructure.

The program offers 11 certifications across three categories: Building Automation, Power Management, and Grid and Energy Landscape. 

There are two certification levels for each badge: Certified and Master. Partners can earn certifications in multiple fields and choose from six specialization tracks. 

The process involves meeting business requirements and completing training. These certifications act as a roadmap for success in data center and critical infrastructure endeavors.

The Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program is a strategic initiative designed to enable channel partners to contribute to a sustainable future, particularly focusing on solutions for data centers and critical infrastructure. 

Certified partners benefit from a range of advantages, such as enhanced profitability, business expansion opportunities, and access to cutting-edge technology solutions.

By joining, partners become part of a globally recognized network of expert partners who share Schneider Electric’s vision of leading the way in intelligent buildings and the Internet of Things. 

The program prioritizes continuous training and certification for partners to uphold their professional expertise.

Partners can specialize in various sectors such as data centers, healthcare, hotels, life sciences, real estate, and retail.

The certification attracts several key groups, each playing a crucial role in data center operations. 

These include partners engaged in design and construction, such as architects, engineers, IT consultants, and construction firms. 

Cooling and power specialists, including HVAC professionals and electrical engineers, are also interested in the certification.

Systems integration and automation experts, electrical and mechanical contractors, and various service providers find value in the certification for their roles in data center management. 

Managed service providers, cloud service providers, and telecommunications companies all recognize its importance. It enhances their expertise and efficiency in data center operations.

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program provides online training focused on critical infrastructure design and construction, aiming to equip participants with skills for global digitization and electrification.

The company also offers industry-recognized certificates and badges upon training completion, enabling partners to demonstrate expertise and stand out in the industry.

Additionally, Schneider Electric encourages partnerships via platforms like Schneider Electric Exchange, integrating offers with EcoStruxure solutions to spur business growth.

Technology partnerships provide valuable assets, facilitating participation in co-selling and co-innovation initiatives.

The EcoXpert Partner Program offers certifications and specializations to enhance partners’ skills in power automation, IT infrastructure, and data centers. 

Through the mySchneider platform, partners can easily manage certifications and receive technical support for implementing Schneider Electric solutions. 


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They can also expand their business offerings, positioning themselves as leaders in energy management and automation’s digital transformation.

Paul Tyrer, Vice President of Global IT Channels at Schneider Electric, emphasized that the introduction of new certifications tailored for data center and critical infrastructure solutions is in response to the increasing demand for specialized training.

He underscored that the program aims to educate, support, and foster collaboration among partners. 

Schneider Electric emphasizes the importance of training in managing data centers and critical infrastructure, with a focus on investing in employees to enhance productivity and operational efficiency. 

Their Critical Environment Technician (CET) training program exemplifies this commitment, offering site-specific training to equip staff with the necessary skills and knowledge for effective data center management.

The global demand for data centers and critical infrastructure is increasing due to factors like AI development and edge computing expansion. Hyperscale users are occupying much of the available capacity, leading to limited options for others.

Despite challenges like higher costs and sustainability concerns, the industry anticipates growth. Aligning training programs with global data center expansion is crucial to meet the rising demand for experts in managing scalable infrastructure.

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