Sh434m Initiative Brings Electricity to Murang’a’s Rural Communities

Over 6,000 people in Murang’a are about to get electricity from a big project by the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC).

 The corporation is currently executing 87 projects at different stages, with a total cost of Sh434 million. 

The high cost of grid connection and the absence of necessary infrastructure have been the primary barriers to electricity access in Murang’a.  This has forced residents to rely on unreliable and expensive alternatives like kerosene lamps. 

The impact of this lack of electricity goes far beyond mere inconvenience. Limited access to lighting has hampered children’s education, as evenings have meant struggling with dim lamps to complete their studies.

Furthermore, healthcare facilities have faced operational limitations, while economic activities like small businesses and agricultural processing have been significantly curtailed.

With an investment of Sh434 million, 87 projects are currently underway, promising to connect over 6,000 homes to the national grid. 

The story of Rugongo Ruraya village exemplifies this transformation. Residents there previously faced significant losses at tea buying centers due to the lack of electricity. 

Without power, they couldn’t operate after dark, impacting their ability to sell their produce promptly. 

However, the installation of electricity has completely altered this scenario. Farmers can now sell their tea anytime, maximizing their profits.

Beyond immediate economic benefits, electricity unlocks a world of possibilities for Murang’a residents.

 Homes can now be equipped with appliances that ease daily chores. Children can study comfortably under bright lights, fostering a better learning environment. 

Access to technology through charged phones and computers opens doors to information and communication, empowering the community.


Schneider Electric Franco – Kenyan Centre of Excellence launched at PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute in Kenya

The Kenyan government is committed to achieving universal electricity access by 2027. REREC plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal, not just in Murang’a, but across nine counties in Mt. Kenya region. 

They are currently implementing projects worth Sh2.1 billion to boost national power coverage. Challenges remain, however. Vandalism of power infrastructure poses a significant setback, and REREC is working with local communities to safeguard these essential assets.

 Additionally, streamlining the meter installation process, currently handled by Kenya Power and Lighting Company, is crucial for faster connection.

The sense of hope and optimism in Murang’a is palpable. Residents like 71-year-old Moses Mugane, who for years witnessed their village lagging behind due to lack of electricity, can now look forward to a brighter future. 

His dream of using modern farm equipment and engaging in more efficient farming practices can finally be realized. 

Ruth Wanjiru, a mother of three, envisions a more connected community where families can spend quality time together and children can focus on their studies with ease.

Rural electrification in Murang’a County is not merely about providing light; it’s about igniting a spark of progress. 

It empowers communities, fosters economic growth, and paves the way for a more prosperous and developed future. 

This initiative serves as a beacon of hope, not just for Murang’a but for countless other rural communities yearning for a brighter tomorrow.

 As these projects are completed and expanded, the ripple effects will be felt across the region, fostering broader economic and social development for all.  For further insights regarding this article, refer to this post:


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