Shell’s Strategic Partnership with Dangote Fertiliser in Nigeria’s Oil & Gas Sector

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Shell’s recent agreement with Dangote Fertiliser entails the development of a gas field in Nigeria, primarily centered on supplying gas from the Iseni field to boost production and stimulate economic growth.

The collaboration between Shell and Dangote Fertiliser is poised to reshape Nigeria’s energy landscape by increasing energy production, facilitating exports, and contributing to the country’s self-sufficiency in fertilizer production within the local energy sector.

Furthermore this partnership signifies a major step forward in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, supporting broader energy strategies and emphasizing the use of domestic gas resources for industrial growth and economic development.

Additionally, the collaboration between Shell and Dangote Fertiliser is expected to revolutionize Nigeria’s energy landscape, bolstering the Dangote Fertiliser and Petrochemical Plants capabilities to cater to both local and international markets.

This partnership between Shell Nigeria and Dangote Fertiliser is anticipated to boost energy production and accessibility, thereby aiding Nigeria’s quest for self-reliance in fertilizer production and fostering economic growth in the country.

Moreover, the partnership between Shell and Dangote Fertiliser in Nigeria aims to develop a gas supply facility and pipeline, enhancing fertilizer production, boosting exports, and driving regional growth.

The expanded gas supply will empower the Dangote Fertiliser and Petrochemical Plant to meet its commitments, bolster domestic fertilizer output, and boost export opportunities. 

Consequently, through boosted export earnings and job creation, the partnership between Shell and Dangote Fertiliser stands to greatly fortify Nigeria’s economy, aligning seamlessly with its overarching energy and economic development objectives.

Moreover, this partnership has the potential to generate substantial job opportunities, drive significant revenue growth, and promote overall economic expansion in Nigeria, especially through the increased gas supply and improved industrial capacity.


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The partnership is expected to have significant economic implications for Nigeria, including job creation, revenue generation, and overall economic growth.

Furthermore, increased gas supply is projected to help generate more than $1.8 billion in export earnings and create jobs through direct and indirect employment, contributing to the growth of the Nigerian economy

Shell and Dangote Fertiliser collaboration aligns with Nigeria’s broader energy and economic development strategies, particularly the emphasis on domestic gas utilization and the ‘Decade of Gas’ initiative.

Partnerships like the one between Shell and Dangote Fertiliser are essential for Nigeria’s national energy goals, as they significantly contribute to increasing domestic gas supplies, fostering industrialization, and facilitating economic growth.

In conclusion, Shell’s collaboration with Dangote Fertiliser aims to address Nigeria’s gas supply shortages and power generation challenges by boosting domestic gas supplies, driving industrialization, and contributing to economic growth.

Absolutely, staying informed about developments in the Oil and Gas Industry Nigeria sector, particularly the collaboration between Shell and Dangote Fertiliser, is crucial as it carries significant implications for local energy, the broader industry, and Nigeria’s economic progress.

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