South Africa’s Sun City Installs an R16-Million Solar Plant To Reduce Grid Dependency

Sun City, the renowned South African resort located near Pilanesberg National Park, has embraced its name by installing an R16-million solar plant. This initiative aims to decrease the resort’s reliance on the national grid and reduce electricity consumption.

Positioned at the Sun Central entertainment center, the 1.4MW peak-rated, grid-tied solar photovoltaic system consists of 2,584 monocrystalline solar PV modules on the Sun City Hotel roof.

The energy produced by these panels will be integrated into Sun City’s internal electrical network, providing power throughout the resort. By displacing 2,367,571kWh per year, the solar plant is estimated to fulfil the energy needs of 329 average-sized South African households annually.

Sun City’s solar capacity is expected to meet approximately 14% of the resort’s electrical demand, benefiting the local grid and nearby communities.

Furthermore, this sustainable endeavor will contribute to a reduction of approximately 2,510 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions per year, positively impacting climate change mitigation efforts.

As part of Sun International’s sustainability approach, this solar plant represents one of many initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption and transitioning to renewable sources.

With efficient lighting, HVAC retrofits, water heating improvements, and an ongoing commitment to renewables, Sun City strives to minimize its environmental footprint while providing exceptional experiences for guests, employment opportunities, and value for the communities it operates in.

Anticipated to recoup its investment within five years, the solar plant’s lifespan is projected to surpass 25 years with regular preventative maintenance.

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