Sun Exchange partners with Absa to power up through Sustainable energy in Bizweni Campus.

Absa has partnered with its employees and Sun Exchange, the global solar leasing platform, to finance a solar-with-battery system for the Bizweni Campus.

The 29 kW solar plus 44 kWh battery project, now providing clean and uninterrupted electricity, supports a range of services offered by the Bizweni Campus in Somerset West. This includes a pre-primary school, a primary school, and a center for children with disabilities.

The solar plant is expected to decrease Bizweni’s municipal electricity bill by approximately 30%, while the integrated battery will protect the campus from load-shedding disruptions. Bizweni Campus is projected to prevent approximately one million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions over the project’s 20-year lifespan. Furthermore, the cost savings resulting from reduced electricity expenses will enable Bizweni to grant an academic bursary to high-achieving Grade six students.

Absa’s sustainable energy investment curbs load shedding impact and lowers energy costs for Bizweni Campus.

Johnson Idesoh, Group Chief Information and Technology Officer at Absa, emphasized the bank’s commitment to driving positive change and serving as an active force for good within the communities they serve. He stated, “Absa recognizes the pivotal role that it plays in shaping a sustainable future and the extent to which its business needs to reflect that in the operating choices it makes. We are pleased to be able to offer a solution that will make life better for the Bizweni Campus community while also guaranteeing the uninterrupted continuation of teaching and learning.”

Saul Wainwright, Managing Director at Sun Exchange, highlighted the importance of sustainability-minded companies like Absa in funding projects that make clean energy accessible to non-profit organizations, schools, and other entities. He said, “Initiatives like these are a great demonstration of the leadership role of the private sector in addressing our most serious environmental and social challenges.”

Justus Swart, Campus Manager for Bizweni Campus, emphasized the critical role of reliable and affordable electricity in providing services to children and adults in the community. Swart is thrilled about the project’s dual impact: empowering work continuation and long-term cost and carbon reduction.


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