Tanzania’s CHIL Femtech Center launches telemedicine product for students across Africa

CHIL Femtech Center, an entity under the CHIL AI Lab Group, has launched a new technology to improve health care for students in schools across Africa. With over 80% of schools in Africa lacking stationed doctors, CHIL Femtech Center’s new product offers a solution to ensure students have access to full-time online doctors.

The new technology links schools with telemedicine equipment manufacturers who have technologies that are compatible with CHIL’s Telemedicine Artificial Intelligence chatbot. When a student falls ill, the partner school acts as a guarantor for the student and the school pays back before the end of term.

The product offers a range of services including e-consultation, where each student can consult with one of 175 online doctors, e-referral, where a student can be referred to a partner laboratory, and e-pharmacy, where drugs prescribed can be ordered online and delivered to the school. The innovative aspect of the product is that students can access these services and the school pays back later.

“We are thrilled to launch this product in Tanzania and bring this game-changing solution to schools across Africa,” said Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa, the co-founder and CEO of CHIL Femtech Center.

“Our goal is to help improve the health and well-being of students by providing them with access to quality health care services. We believe this product will have a positive impact on schools and the health care industry as a whole.”

CHIL Femtech Center says it is committed to providing exceptional customer support and continuous improvement to its product, ensuring that schools have access to the best technology on the market.

The company is starting in Tanzania, then Kenya and Uganda, with the hope to reach the entire African continent by 2025.

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