Tanzania’s Mega Hydropower Project Begins Supplying Electricity to National Grid

The Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd. (TANESCO) announced on Saturday that the connection of electricity from the mega Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project (JNHPP) to the national grid has commenced. This marks a crucial step toward alleviating the country’s power shortage and eliminating the need for load shedding.

“Connection of power to the national grid is a milestone to the country’s electricity generation,” TANESCO stated in a press release. The connection will be followed by trial runs to ensure the smooth integration of the JNHPP’s power into the national grid.

The JNHPP, with an installed capacity of 2,115 megawatts, is expected to significantly boost Tanzania’s electricity generation capacity, addressing the current power shortage and paving the way for the elimination of power rationing. Once fully operational, the project will play a pivotal role in powering Tanzania’s economic growth and development.

The construction of the JNHPP is progressing steadily, with completion scheduled for January 2024. In September, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy Doto Biteko announced that the project had reached 91.7% completion.

The JNHPP, a joint undertaking between the Tanzanian government and Arab Contractors and El-Sewedy from Egypt, represents a significant investment in Tanzania’s energy infrastructure. With a total cost of 6.6 trillion Tanzanian shillings (approximately 3 billion US dollars), the project is poised to revolutionize Tanzania’s energy landscape.

The commencement of electricity supply from the JNHPP to the national grid marks a momentous occasion for Tanzania, signaling a brighter future for the country’s energy security and economic development.

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