Who is Natacha Emilien? Unveiling the Face of Sustainable Energy Leadership

Natacha Emilien

Natacha Emilien, Deputy Group CEO of CSI Energy Group, advocates for a ‘just’ energy transition in Africa, balancing economic, environmental, and social aspects.

Her leadership emphasizes diversity and supports female entrepreneurship through initiatives like investing in women-led businesses in the energy sector.

Natacha Emilien, Deputy Group CEO of CSI Energy Group and an impact entrepreneur with an engineering background, is recognized for her expertise in business strategy and transformation.

In her current role, she focuses on fostering a ‘just’ energy transition in Africa, actively addressing the capital gap for female founders by directing investments into women-led businesses in the energy sector. 

Emilien’s leadership journey highlights her commitment to sustainable energy practices and support for female entrepreneurship in the African energy sector.

Natacha plans to drive innovation in the African energy sector, aiming for a substantial global impact. 

Her vision centers around promoting sustainable energy practices and supporting female entrepreneurship to contribute to a greener and more prosperous future for Africa.

Natacha emphasizes community engagement in her sustainable energy vision for Africa. Her initiatives include establishing community-owned microgrids in rural areas, providing clean and affordable energy while empowering communities economically.


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 She also works to empower women and youth as energy entrepreneurs, creating job opportunities and promoting gender equality in the sector.

Additionally she made a substantial impact on sustainable energy in Africa, providing energy access through projects like installing solar panels and distributing clean cookstoves.

Currently expanding her microgrid initiative, she collaborates for policy advocacy and funding. Natacha’s ongoing efforts include research and awareness campaigns, emphasizing education and advocacy for a sustainable future in Africa.

Natacha has also engaged in policy advocacy, actively participating in dialogues with government officials and regulatory bodies to advance sustainable energy policies.

Additionally, she has partnered with international organizations to introduce renewable energy solutions to remote and rural areas in Africa, ensuring electricity access for communities that lacked it before.

In conclusion, CSI Energy Group acknowledges the importance of sustainable energy leadership, exemplified by Natacha’s accomplishments.

They fully endorse her vision for a greener future, emphasizing the significance of investing in renewable energy and adopting sustainable practices in their operations. 

Natacha’s story highlights the impact of individual efforts in addressing climate change, urging collective action in communities, businesses, and governments to implement sustainable energy solutions.

The call is to support and empower leaders like Natacha for a more sustainable future.

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