Zanzibar Plans to Produce 48mw of Solar Power


IN efforts to respond to growing demand of electricity supply to the increasing development projects, Zanzibar government has plans to produce 48 Megawatts of solar electricity by 2024.

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals, Joseph Juma Kilangi, said this during the signing of the agreement between his ministry and the German company- International Energy Consultants GmbH (GOPA) for the power production, to be implemented under the ongoing Zanzibar Energy Sector Transformation and Access (ZESTA) project.

“We are aiming to solve the power shortage in the country and have reliable supply for our investors and citizens,” Mr Kilangi said.

He said that the 48 megawatts of electricity that will be produced from solar power will help improve power reliability, required to promote the economy of Zanzibar.

PS Kilangi mentioned the areas that will be served by solar electricity include Makunduchi, Ubago and Matemwe. He said the doors are still open for other investors to come and set up their investments in the energy sector because more electricity will be required.

He said that the electricity that is expected to be produced by the GOPA is a catalyst for increasing the economic activities in the country.

The PS asked the investors to speed up the project, as the electricity service is important for the country and it also brings benefits in the development of the country.

The Zanzibar Electricity Company ZECO General Manager, Engineer Mshenga Haidar Mshenga, said that through the project, they will do additional work to produce solar electricity during that period.

In addition, he promised “ZECO will ensure that the project is realised as per agreement.

The Executive Director of GOPA Mr Paul Freunscht thanked the Zanzibar government for the cooperation and accepting the project aimed at increasing productivity.

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