Zesco’s Northmead Sub-Station Fire Outbreak: Unpacking Causes and Impact


A fire outbreak was reported at Zesco’s Northmead sub-station, indicating a significant development for Lusaka’s power supply. 

The fire incident at the Northmead sub-station has affected the power supply in Lusaka, raising concerns about potential disruptions and the necessary actions to address the situation.

The Northmead Sub-Station is vital for maintaining uninterrupted electricity supply in Lusaka by transforming high-voltage electricity from the national grid into a suitable lower voltage for distribution. 

As per eyewitness accounts, the fire originated as three ZESCO Limited employees were engaged in repair activities at the substation. They observed sparks, followed by a significant explosion shortly afterward.

In an official statement issued by Peter Chamfya, it was disclosed that the fire at the company’s 33/11 KV Dublin Substation occurred under unknown circumstances. 

The incident had widespread consequences, affecting multiple areas in Lusaka, including Chilulu, Thompark, Northmead, Rhodespark, Emmasdale, part of Chaisa, and part of Fairview.

Despite the challenges, a collaborative effort from the Lusaka City County and Zambia Airforce Fire Brigades successfully extinguished the fire, beginning around 10:30 hours.

This incident impacted various areas in Lusaka, including Chilulu, Thompark, Northmead, Rhodespark, Emmasdale, part of Chaisa, and part of Fairview.

Disturbing accounts from nearby residents near the substation have uncovered a distressing pattern of repeated fires, dispelling the notion that the recent incident is an isolated occurrence.

The severity of the situation has instilled significant fear among these individuals, as they confront the alarming possibility of facing life-threatening situations once more.

Zambians on Facebook have reacted in a perplexing manner, with some expressing happiness about the incident, while others are urging for a swift resolution to restore electricity. 


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One comment mentioned, “Great news, yesterday they switched off power deliberately; we couldn’t even watch the game, only to switch on immediately after the game.”

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